Don't get frustrated by frustration!

Imagine the scene.....You are in the exam room, the invigilator says that you can start, so what do you do? You begin reading the questions and identifying the ones you would like to answer. You quickly browse the questions and look for things that sound familiar,..after all, the first question you have to ask yourself is always "do I know what this question is about?"

So, you see a question involving something that looks like a frustrating event – illness of a key participant, freak weather etc. Great! You have revised frustration and you were hoping for a question on it, so you will choose that one. With any luck this will be a good choice, but there is  one further thing you should check before you launch gleefully into the coronation cases......

Check to see whether any express contract terms are mentioned which provide for this type of event. If whatever happens is anticipated in the contract terms then it isn’t a case of frustration, even though it looks like it and the facts sound similar to half a dozen cases you are ready and waiting to discuss. It's only a frustrating event if it wasn't anticipated.

It's a sneaky one, and it catches a lot of people out, especially in the heat of the look out for it!

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