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A lot of students can find land law very daunting at the start. One of the problems is that you usually begin by learning the rules relating to registered and unregistered land (complicated enough in itself) and this involves reference to lots of different types of interests - trusts, easements, covenants etc. that you may not have encountered before. Of course these things will all be dealt with later in the course, but for the time being it can be very frustrating, and can leave you feeling that you just don't understand anything at all! One of my students remarked to me that it would be very helpful to have a very, very basic guide, a sort of 'Janet and John do land law' (apologies if you're too young to remember them.....) It sounded like a bit of fun, so I thought I would give it a try. If you know a thing or two about land law this is not for you, but, if you're totally baffled and want a very simple, very silly overview to put a few things in goes!

A similar problem arises with trusts - it is necessary to mention trusts in relation to interests in land, overriding interests and overreaching before actually moving on to explain them in any detail. Until you are used to it, this idea of holding the land in law and in equity does seem a bit strange, so here's a basic guide. It doesn't go into things like joint tenancies and tenancies in common (that will come later), it just seeks to explain what the position is in outline, at law and in equity, with a few simple diagrams and a note of how the diagrams relate to the situation in particular cases you may have come across:

The trust of land - overview (pdf file)