What's the point of reading cases?

One question I get asked a lot is "why do I need to bother reading cases?" It's a good question. Why plough through 30 pages of a lengthy judgment where different Law lords put forward conflicting, and potentially confusing views, if you don't have to?

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Contract law exam tips - terms, representations, breach and misrepresentation

Contract law exam questions can be very tricky. As with any exam question, half the battle is always knowing which area of law the examiner has in mind...it's not always as easy as you might hope! Two areas which can often cause difficulty, not least because they often come mixed up together, are breach of contract and misrepresentation. There are any number of variations on questions dealing with these topics, but here are a few tips for things to look out for:

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Step by step guide to answering negligence problem questions:

Note: This article aims to give an outline guide to things to consider when answering a negligence problem question. It was written with the current Ilex level 3 syllabus in mind - this includes nervous shock and vicarious liability, but does not include the tort of negligent misstatement. Check your syllabus carefully to ensure that you have covered all or the relevant areas for your course!

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Exam tips

Here are a few practical tips to ensure that you get the best out of yourself in an exam. 

1.      Read the instructions at the top of the paper carefully. Usually you will need to answer some questions from part A and some from part B and mistakes can be costly.

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Don't get frustrated by frustration!

Imagine the scene.....You are in the exam room, the invigilator says that you can start, so what do you do? You begin reading the questions and identifying the ones you would like to answer. You quickly browse the questions and look for things that sound familiar,..after all, the first question you have to ask yourself is always "do I know what this question is about?"

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Breach of Contract questions

If you find yourself dealing with a question where there is a breach of contract you will obviously deal with the breach of an express terms that are mentioned in the question. However, bear in mind that you may need to identify any statutory implied terms as well.  

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Land law is fun!

Even amongst other law teachers, the admission that one enjoys land law is usually met with surprise, a degree of suspicion, and often a suggestion that you might be well on the way to satisfying the M’Naghten rules on insanity. But why?

Certainly land law can be complex and sometimes illogical – but what area of law is not? That’s the joy of it! Approach this subject with fascination instead of dread and it can be an absolute pleasure.

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