Welcome to Law school Online

What we do:

At Law School Online we aim to offer helpful study advice and tips for students in the form of articles, links, mind maps and test yourself quizzes. We cover a number of areas of law, but specialise in Land law, Equity and Trusts, Criminal law and Contract Law. We are currently developing a series of revision courses and tutoring packages in these subjects.

What we don't do:

We do not offer any form of custom essay writing service.......and we never will. Law Tutor has firm views on the subject (see related blog post) and remains sceptical of claims that such items are a valuable learning tool and not an aid to cheating. After all, in the immortal words of Lord Templeman in Street v Mountford: "the manufacture of a five-pronged implement for manual digging results in a fork even if the manufacturer, unfamiliar with the English language, insists that he intended to make and has made a spade."

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